Why Become Accomplished?

I reached the princely age of twenty-three last March. Thank you, thank you. It was quite a day. My mum cooked ribs.

Anyway, I had finally arrived at the age that my ten year old self had been looking forward to for thirteen years (look at that math. I had some help.)

My ten year old self was delightfully naïve. She thought that twenty-three year old me would have a lot more going on than in truth I did.

She had plans. She was to go to uni and live in a apartment with her best friend. The walls would be yellow with a purple heart border. Everything else would be sea-shelled themed as the high rise was by the beach. Obvi. Then when she had finished uni and worked for a few years in a fabulous corporate job where she got to wear suits and sip champagne for lunch, she would marry a handsome man with high earning potential at the ripe old age of twenty-three. Her wedding dress would have spaghetti straps. Ten year old me was wise. She knew that twenty-two years olds weren’t adults and that twenty-three year olds were. She trusted me to achieve these goals in a timely manner.

Apparently I failed her.

  • I still live at home
  • I do not wear power suits and work in the inner city
  • I am adorably single.

But in my defense she did not foresee the prohibitively expensive Sydney housing market, nor did she realise that most kids with BAs work retail, nor did she expect the world to be filled with blithering man-children* making eligible dating opportunities thin on the ground.

But hey, maybe my ten year old self would be proud of me. After all, my phone is practically a computer. She’d think that was mad (her words not mine, she is from the 90s).

Mostly she’d be disappointed in my utter lack of gumption. She was in the habit of making an entire working board game in two hours and I.. well I could youtube for two hours. I can watch The Ellen Show for two hours. I can…

In summation (told you I had a BA): I woke up one day and realised I had no marketable skills and very few accomplishments to help me get by in the real world. So join me as I figure out how to live this confusing grown-up life (are you really supposed to check the oil every week? I should know that by now) and work towards becoming accomplished.

*My mum says this sounds bitter. I’m okay with that.


One Response to “Why Become Accomplished?”

  1. Elsie December 8, 2011 at 10:04 am #

    Re: “no marketable skills”

    I felt that way too. Cue my Master of Professional Accounting! Now, more marketable 😛

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