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My Father – The Teenager

15 Dec

“Hey peeps, I’ve recorded Teen Cribs for you and can I just say it was awesome.”

Who said that? 

A.) A hardcore gansta teen

B.) An over-excited girl

C.) The Captain (My dad)

My dad was cool before "I know, right?" was cool.

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Ice Cream Cone Holder

23 Nov

My dreams know no budget. That’s why when I decided I must have a twenty cone holder to display my choc tops at The Movie Night, I knew I had to find a cheaper solution than this and well, this.

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Salted Caramel Ice Cream

22 Nov

Salted Caramel is a depressant. I firmly believe that. Every time I eat it I experience the thrilling high only to drop quickly, lower than ever before. The drop comes after I finish eating it. I wonder how any moment can compete with salted caramel. I don’t cry about it. It’s not socially acceptable to cry over food, although my younger sister, The Child, once performed an excellent mourning scene over Maccas’ breakfast. I understood her dismay. A McMuffin and a hashbrown are the only redeeming features of an early morning roadtrip and we had been up for hours. The scene was hysterical:

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