It’s A Wonderful Life

22 Dec

I have not been accomplishing all that much recently. Unless you call eating an extraordinarily high amount of Christmas related food, consuming all forms of Christmas media (notably It’s A Wonderful Life) and perfecting my Jimmy Stewart impression (“Merry Christmas you wonderful old building and loan!”) accomplishments.

But I feel you deserve something. You who are still reading this despite having presents to wrap, couriers  to berate, uncles to pick up from under the table- which segues nicely into the small anecdote I will recount for your amusement.

The Boss graduated yesterday. Yes, thank you, thank you. My sister is quite superb. We had a party for her. It was all fun and games until the conversation turned to dating. I said I was going on a date with a friend tomorrow.

The Accomplished Uncle, ever ready to poke fun sniffed: “A friend? Can’t you at least find a second-hand boyfriend or husband? I mean really!”

I didn’t like his tone, so I made a few curt remarks about his age ( I might have said that he settled Canberra and started its first school but that could equally be a slight on our nation’s capital now couldn’t it?).

When the night wound down, I curled up on the lounge with a glass of red. The Accomplished Uncle got that look in his eye. You know the one. The troublesome one.

“If I were you,” he informed my mother while pointing to me. “I’d slap it silly. The cheeky little-”

And that’s all I’ve got time for. Another day of feasting awaits!


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