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Ladies Who Brunch

30 Nov

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Brunch is a wonderful alternative to the often utilised dinner party. Just like a good pair of jeans, brunch can be dressed up or down. Easy or complicated. Always relaxed. The most memorable thing about brunch is usually good company, but why not outdo your guests by serving a feast they will remember? 😉

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How to Care For Grieving Friends

29 Nov

As accomplished women we are educated, dynamic and able. But there are a few situations that can disarm us.

Relating to a grieving friend is one such situation.

There are many reasons why we might have trouble with this. Perhaps we are struggling with our own grief or depression or conversely we’ve got no personal experience, or perhaps we’ve had a bad experience which makes us want to stay away altogether.

Regardless, death is inevitable here on earth and the sooner we come into an understanding of how to react to it, the sooner we will be of value to our friends.

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Summer Cordial

28 Nov

Raspberry, Lemon, and Lychee + Mint Cordial.

Remember the good old days when everyone had a stock pile of cordial in their larder to take out should the occasion warrant it? Neither do I. I do remember the sublime taste of Cottee’s on a hot day at my grandmother’s house. However now that my palate is more refined I yearn for homemade cordial (I am not knocking Cottee’s. It’s a viable Australian institution which certainly has a place in our hearts and homes).

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Accomplished Women Move On From Mean Girls

25 Nov

It’s about to get heated. I have brought my soapbox especially for the occasion.


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Movie Night Menu

24 Nov

The menu for the movie night came easily to me. I wanted to serve popcorn, choc tops and Italian soda. The classic Australian movie feast. I wanted it to be extraordinary though. Continue reading

Ice Cream Cone Holder

23 Nov

My dreams know no budget. That’s why when I decided I must have a twenty cone holder to display my choc tops at The Movie Night, I knew I had to find a cheaper solution than this and well, this.

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Little Women Invitations

22 Nov

Invitations. It’s the first thing you do when planning an event

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